To improve the quality of medical care by preserving and advancing the principles and practices of integrative healthcare within academic institutions, health service, governments and other relevant regulatory institutions worldwide Europe . By accepting and signing the Belgrade Declaration these institutions would become members of European Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine (ECAHCIM). Mission incorporates the prevention of diseases through education, promotion of healthy lifestyles and systematic application of natural resources by trained physicians of integrative medicine.


Education of medical providers and patients will allow them to understand the value and integrate into their clinical practice the time-proven methods of Integrative medicine. This is particularly important because the European aging population requires an integrated approach to treat effectively many chronic diseases and to improve the quality of life. Plan is to achieve goal by establishing coordinated educational and training efforts. Goal is to engage the finest international experts in the field of Integrative medicine and to task them with developing the best training and educational materials. These experts will work in a collaborative manner. They will adhere to the highest ethical standards and work steadfast to bring mission to fruition. Also, they will respect any regional, cultural and ethnic differences.

All educational materials will be available to those who seek knowledge and who consider the best interest of their patients as their primary goal. The educational materials will also be available to all patients who want to improve their health.

Collaborative endeavor is not only duty, but also a tribute to many of those who dedicated their lifetime work to this cause.

This work will be a great honor to continue for the benefit of eliminating diseases, and improving health and wellbeing of people around Europe.